Two-player collaborative VR Game E-Heroes

I am happy to share a project I worked on earlier this year. Together with the awesome and creative team at Sehsucht Berlin I worked on a collaborative two-player VR game called E-Heroes.

A collaborative 2 Player Multiplayer VR-Experience. When a space station is about to run out of power, the life of the everyone on board is at risk. Both players have to solve three puzzles in 120 sec by communicating and thinking logically while the atmosphere on the space station gets more and more tense. Player One (P1) is immersed in VR while player two (P2) sees an abstraction of the machine on a second monitor and has to help P1 to solve the problems.

The game was highly successful in converting players in applicants for the Z├╝rcher Craft Association of Electricians. It received gold at the German Digital Award 2018.

The project was realized using Unreal Engine 4 and programming was done mainly with Blueprints and some C++ for features that were not accessible through Blueprints.

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Christian Kauppert is CTO & Head of XR Engineering at AR / VR Labs. Before he worked as a freelance Unity developer and VFX compositor for over 9 years. He uses this blog to show and write about selected works. Occasionally Chris also writes about issues and solutions he stumbles upon while developing interactive experiences and XR applications.

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