Close-up photo of the printed Master Thesis

Master Thesis

Generative and interactive computer art with source code as medium

Generative and interactive art are no art forms as such. They spread over many fields and make use of different tools and techniques. In the process the Computer has developed to the primary tool of the generative and interactive artists. The communication between artist and machine happens through applications on the one hand, but also directly through source code written by the artist. Designers become programmers and make use of the rationality of the machine to execute creative processes.

Thereby the source code becomes the tool of the programming artist. While in production it lies as mediating entity between artist and artwork as well as it lies between artwork and recipient during presentation. On this basis the master thesis deals with the assumption, that the source code is the central medium between artist, artwork and recipient.

The master thesis deals with creative processes in terms of generative and interactive artworks, that were produced with the aid of computers in the first place. However the historical development will be presented as introduction, which contains also artworks, that were produced without computers. Furthermore the master thesis contains explanatory notes on the use of random functions and their special meaning concerning computer art.

Remarks about techniques and forms of appearance of generative and interactive artworks provide the basis for the analysis of the project Ars Rata, which was realized as part of the thesis. The short film project will be presented in a separate chapter where it will be analysed for its generative characteristics. The results of the analysis and prospects of the future relevance of generative and interactive art will complete the master thesis.