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In collaboration with Group I was working on an Augmented Reality App that supported a Swiss supermarket campaign. The app has won four awards – including Gold – at the Best of Swiss Apps Award 2019.

While the campaign was running the customers of the supermarket were rewarded with stickers of wildlife animals. The stickers were handed out at checkout and could then be collected in a sticker album.

AR Character Animation video by appear2media

Our leading AR, app and web experts have succeeded in extending a well-known campaign mechanic with an innovative new hook to keep customers coming back for more.

MSM Project Website
AR Animal Animation video by appear2media

The AR features of the App enabled the users to experience the animals as 3D animations or AR videos right on top of their sticker album. In addition, it was also possible to get a coloring picture that the users could color in on their own. Afterwards they could scan the colored picture and see their very own colors come to life!

AR Coloring video by appear2media

Features of the AR module

  • Preloading and caching of all Assets as a Bundle
    • to reduce initial App size
    • to enable offline usage
  • AR scanning of stickers with animated 3D animals and videos
  • AR scanning of self-colored pictures
  • Collection Album with 3D Viewer
    • collects all scanned stickers
    • presents animals in a 3D Viewer
    • no AR mode necessary
  • Localization / multi-language support for all media
  • Subtitles for all audio dialogs and videos
  • various UI Popups, Overlays and Information Dialogs with Audio Players

The development of the AR module was done by me. MSM did the concept, design and further development for the campaign. Also have a look at the MSM project website for more details. The integration into the existing campaign app of our customer was done by Apps with Love.

Technologies used in the project

  • Unity
    • AssetBundles
    • Custom Build Pipeline based on Scriptable Objects
    • Vuforia
    • RegionCapture with custom Red Texture Fix
    • DoozyUI
    • I2 Localization
    • Subtitles Parser
    • PIDI XFur Plugin for animal fur
  • Contentful CDN for AssetBundle hosting
Google Play Store Preview Video by Apps with Love

App Store Links to the Augmented Reality App

Please disregard older reviews before the campaign in 2019! šŸ˜‰

Further reading (German press)

AR Lama video by appear2media

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